Frequently asked questions

We offer a 30-Day Free Trial. This Free Trial is unique to each tool. For example, you can try our Gatherings Tool free for 30 days. If three months later you decide you’d like to try our Team Tool, you get to try it for 30 days free as well.

Nope. Invitees pay nothing.

Anyone you include on your Invitee list will be able to use and view your event page information for no charge.

They don’t even have to create an account unless they want to be able to view the event page or edit their attendance/signups later.

Sure. We sync to Google, Outlook, and Apple iCal calendars.

On the Event Page, you’ll see “Add to Calendar” on the right side, just below the big color header title block.

Click it.

Select the calendar of your choice.

If you have multiple Google accounts, you’ll be prompted further.

Nope. Remember that we’re parents too. We know that you might be lying in bed right now trying not to wake your spouse, but you need to get started organizing your daughter’s volleyball team. Now. On your iPad. You only need your credit card when your 30-Day Free Trial wraps up.

Heck no. Gross. We believe that the flashing banner ads make people think that you (or someone) has just sent them spam. No ads.

Of course. Add away. Additional tools may be added in the My Tools section of your account.

You betcha. After you click Next: Review & Confirm for an Event, you’ll see what you’ve signed up for, and your RSVP. Then you’ll see a box where you can leave a message for the event organizer/host.

You bet. And we won’t make you search for 15 minutes to figure out how to do it. When you cancel, you’ll continue to have use of your tool(s) until the end of your current billing cycle. We will then not charge you for the next billing cycle.

  • Click on your profile icon (upper right corner of your dashboard)
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Scroll down to your Toolkit
  • Click on Cancel Subscription for the tool which you want to cancel

You billing date corresponds to the date that you initially signed up for a paid subscription for a given tool. So if you signed up on May 7 for the Gatherings Tool, your next billing date would be June 7, and so on. If you sign up for a second tool, say the Team Tool on July 29, then your billing date for the Team Tool would be July 29. In this example, you would thus have two monthly billing dates. Same idea goes for our annual billing plans. And no, our billing dates do not correspond to any other time of the month 🙂

Yeppers. We’re in this together. We believe that once you start using our tools, you’ll want to keep using them.

That said, there’s nothing more irritating than looking at your credit card statement and realizing you’ve been paying for something that you’ve not been using for months.

We’ve got your back. After you log into your account, click on your photo (or the little human silhouette icon) in the upper right corner. Click on Account Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and click on I would like to be notified 24h before each billing dateWe’ll email you the day before we bill your card just in case you no longer need a particular tool.

Great question. Bet you’re saving some serious dough for the organizations you work with – lucky them.

We will credit your account for the remainder of your 30-Day Free Trial, then start your billing anniversary on that end date. You’ll not lose any of the free 30 days by signing-up early!

We offer a 30-Day Free Trial on each of our MomClone tools.

After that, you pay by the tool. Our Basic Tools are $5 per month per tool, and our Advanced Tools are $9 per month per tool.

Alternatively, you can save 17% by purchasing annual subscriptions for $50 and $90 respectively.

Visit our Pricing Page for all the details.


Absolutely! You’ll save 17% when you opt for an annual subscription.

Visit our Pricing Page for details.

Not yet. Thanks for asking though.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs further.

What?! Say it’s not so. We hate to see you go, but if you really must leave us, please contact us with a formal request (that references the email address associated with your account) to delete your account.

Please note that once an account is deleted, any files within that account will be lost, and we will not be able to restore them.

Visit our Contact page.

The 30-Day Free Trial is per tool. We offer a 30-Day Free Trial for each tool. So you might start a 30-Day Free Trial on November 18 for our Gatherings tool, but then start a 30-Day Free Trial on December 17 for our Team Tool.

Our planned tools include: the Gatherings Tool, Team Tool, Checklist Tool, Club Tool, Travel Tool, Fundraiser Tool, Signup Tool, and Performing Arts Tool.

And we might just have a few more up our sleeves as well!

We’ll keep you apprised of the scheduled launches for our other tools as we get closer to their launch dates.

Yep. If you are planning a single date event, you can absolutely track attendance.

At this time, you cannot track attendance for multiple date or recurring events. So if you need to track attendance, you should set your events up as single date events.

It’s called MomClone because we often wish we could clone ourselves – there’s just not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Of course not! We WELCOME dads and we welcome peeps who do not have children to use MomClone. MomClone is for anyone who needs to organize and manage groups, events, and oneself.

After all, who wouldn’t want to use a simple tool that takes care of all those tasks for you?!  

No, we do not offer a nonprofit discount. We work hard to keep our subscription pricing very approachable for all.

We of course hope you’ll find MomClone’s Tools indispensable, and wonderfully easy to use, BUT, if you think you should receive a refund, please review our Refund Policy here.

Hmmm…wish there were an app for that! Nope.

Of course.

Once your create an Invitee Group, you’ll be able to re-use it across any of our MomClone Tools.

Yup. Sure can. You’ll do that in the Event Details portion of the set-up.

Lucky you…you have a promo code! You’ll find easy to use instructions here.