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Organize groups fast and efficiently.

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The process is fast and intuitive.




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Easy to set-up

Multiple days, time spots, and locations?
No problem.

Recipients pay nothing + signups are easy
+ auto-reminders

Organizing and planning is a breeze.

No charge for recipients

Recipients pay nothing.

Unlimited number of Signups

Create as many events, activities, parties, as you need to.

Single day or recurring events

Works with multiple day events and recurring events too.

Live preview

No suprises at the end.

Create the event in your own time

The event details save as you go and can be edited anytime before sending invites.

Syncs to calendars

Sync signups to Google, Outlook, and Apple iCal calendars.

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Use the new Signup Tool to

Get volunteer signups for fundraisers like jogathons and 5Ks

New Signup Tool is signup genius--tug of war

Organize church/temple activities: meal delivery, Sunday school, ushers, coffee hours, youth groups, bar/bat mitzvahs

New Signup Tool is signup genius - food delivery to elderly

Plan school activities like class volunteers, school carnivals & parent-teacher conferences

New Signup Tool is signup genius - children in garden

Organize volunteers for nonprofit and community events

New Signup Tool is signup genius - volunteer community trash pickup